Some of the Best Home Additions

When you make a custom home, the endless possibilities ensure that your home has the look, style, and appeal that you want. You should consider the following additions when creating your custom home chicago. They’re among the best that you can add to your home.

Home Office

A home office is beneficial for people who operate a home business and for those who simply want a place to go to handle finances and other business related needs. A home office also increases the value of the home, which may benefit you at a later date.

Man Cave

Every man needs that special place to go to unwind and simply be a man and do the things that men do in their free time. When you are creating your new home, be sure to keep this in mind and add on a man cave to the home.

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Kitchen Expansion

Everyone loves the kitchen. Great meals are made in the kitchen and special memories, too. When you are building your home, consider this room as one of the most valuable investments and don’t be afraid to put forth the extra TLC that is needed to create a great space.


A sunroom is a great addition to any home. Your summers are so much more enjoyable when you have this room added to the home. It can be used as a reading room, a gardening room, or otherwise and provide you with simple pleasures.


If your home doesn’t have a garage already, it is time to change that and add a great garage to the home without further delay. A garage offers safe keeping of your vehicle, and safe storage of tools, gardening supplies, and other miscellaneous items. Furthermore, a garage improves the curb appeal and value of the property.